Overview of the Training Through Aerotraining


Aerotraining has been created to provide training for the operators of airborne electro optical surveillance systems.  The courses provide structured and comprehensive training in all aspects of EO/IR operations, from the basic camera theory to the operational employment of the asset.  Targeted training is available for numerous systems and operational missions and is delivered by experienced operators who have strong Military and Police back ground.  The course structure has been developed by an experienced and a qualified course design team with courses adaptable for both rotary and fixed wing assets.

The following is a brief synopsis of the training and services available.

Infrared and Electro Optics (IR/EO)

The theory of IR/EO course is designed to explain a functional theory of IR and EO and how it effects the performance of the sensor.  The knowledge gained will inform the operator and tasking officers to the limitations of the sensor and how the time of day and environmental conditions can impact on a task.  Equally what can be done to mitigate the problems; should they be exposed to them during a mission.
The second element to the course is the practical use of IR and EO and includes IR effects which allows the operator to compile a statement of activity of the target. It will also instruct the operator on the analysis of Full Motion Video images and what they can and cannot expect from their sensor.

Practical functionality of a system

Full system functionality can be delivered and consolidated using the Aerosimulators Gimbal Imaging System Trainer (GIST). When delivered by experienced operators the students receive a more targeted and relevant knowledge of a systems functionality. This can be delivered prior to the arrival of the live system and will allow the operator to become familiar with the controls and functions of the system whilst developing muscle memory for the controller. This is ground based training and will undoubtedly produce a saving in flying hours.

Operational Mission training

Operational mission training is designed to educate the operator on how to use the system once he has learnt its functionality. It is a combination of theory and practical exercises in the missions their unit is most commonly employed in. There is a wide spectrum of missions that a unit can be exposed to and here the experience of the instructors can inform the operators and tasking officers as to what to expect and how to deal with a developing situation. All the practical scenarios are tailored to the mission profile of the customer.

Scenario Construction Training/Delivery

The training delivery is a combination of theory and practical with the practical element delivered on the GIST. The key to the success of the GIST in the training environment is the scenarios and their relevance to the customer’s mission profile. We provide training in how to construct realistic and relevant scenarios using VR Forces and X Plane 10 however, if the unit doesn’t have the personnel or time to construct them  we will build scenarios to their requirements.

Associated systems.

With all systems there is associated equipment such as mapping systems, Lasers and downlinks etc. Training is provided to ensure that they are used to optimum effect and whilst sometimes overlooked are often the key to cementing the overall effectiveness of a unit.
A course availability matrix is at Appendix A

Additional services


The people who formed the company have many years’ experience in the employment of EO systems in both the military and Law enforcement theatres and can provide consultancy in all aspects of operating an airborne surveillance unit. From selecting the sensor and associated specialist equipment to the operating procedures of both the airborne and grounds units.

Operator Provision

The company has system operators familiar with numerous turret and platform configurations that can provide temporary cover for units that find themselves short of skilled and capable system operators.


Aerotraining can provide a customer with a comprehensive, structured and targeted training program covering all aspects of operating an airborne EO/IR surveillance system.  Equally it will support a unit at any stage of its operation from setup to the continuation training and development of its operators and control staff. The aim is to create an intelligent operator who will interact with an informed mission control staff ensuring a successful mission outcome.  The training is delivered using the GIST however is not dependent on the customer have a GIST and can equally be delivered using their own live system or an Aerotraining GIST.